High Flow Rotary Pump

Item no.: PH-100-001

High Flow Rotary Pump No documentation available!

Category: rotary pump

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The versatile manual rotary pump is suitable for the delivery of low viscous media like gasoline, jet fuel, Diesel
fuel, machine oil, lube oil, used oil (only with pre filter), heating oil and cooling water/glycol. It is possible to allow
filling and sucking the pump clockwise or anti clockwise. This pump is predestinated for professional maintenance
visits. An optimal flow rate is guaranteed with open discharge.

-Simple handling
-Easy construction
-Highly modern design
-Gear ratio 1:4 = 1x crank revolution = 4x rotary piston revolution

Caution: While the first use of the pump fill up the
transmission attachment by the oil sealing screw in the case
with approx. 250 ml gear oil 15W40!

No documentation available!


High Flow Rotary Pump